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Probate / Estate Administration

We understand the stress and emotions that exist when someone you care about passes away. Our goal is to make the estate and/or trust administration process as understandable and as manageable as possible for our clients. We personally assist our clients through a most difficult life transition.

Estate administration is the process of accumulating a Decedent’s assets, paying a Decedent’s debts and taxes, and distributing a Decedent’s remaining assets to his or her beneficiaries. There are many methods of estate administration — the type of property a Decedent owns at his death and the documents governing distribution will determine the type of administration required.

Although not always necessary, estate administration may include the probate process, as well as administration of trusts and other non-probate transfers. We have the experience to handle many types of administration proceedings involving wills, trusts or intestacy and can help you determine whether probate is necessary.Our estate administration services may include:

  • Probating a Decedent’s Willand administering theestate utilizing independent administration, dependent administration, heirship, muniment of title proceedings, etc.;
  • Formulating plans to assist executors, trustees or administrators in efficiently managing an estate or trust;
  • Advising fiduciaries needing assistance in establishing prudent management practices and making distribution determinations;
  • Representing fiduciaries needing assistance in understandingtheir obligations and theestate/trustadministration process;
  • Representing beneficiaries needing assistance inunderstanding the estate/trust administration process;
  • Representing beneficiaries wanting to ensure a fiduciary is fulfilling his duties;
  • Analysis and preparation of federal estate tax returns; and
  • Working with financial advisors, accountants, trust officers, etc. in connection with asset transfers.

Estate administration matters require counsel with specialized knowledge. We routinely handle probate matters in Dallas County and many surrounding counties in North Texas. We welcome your inquiry regarding our estate administration services. Please contact us at 214-750-0800 to schedule aconsultation.